A Korean brand, Odbo is quite unknown to the Indian audience. We at Habbana closely analyze brands and review the best of brand and products you require. After a lot of trying and testing we realized that the brand Odbo has some amazing consumer friendly and trendy products which you have to add on to your makeup kit. Read on to know our top picks!

1. Odbo Lovers Bouquet Pink Sweet Heart Cookie Blusher

Sometimes it’s just the packaging that would attract anyone! This product has the cutest packaging you would want with your makeup product.  These 3 in 1 pink shimmer blushes are packaged in a mirror size heart shaped mold which would fit perfectly in any makeup kit or purse pocket. If you like to keep your cheek blushes a shimmery pink shade this is the product for you, containing- whitish pink, light pink, and a slightly dark pink tone all with a glittery wash to it. You can even mix the three pink tones with higher/lower intensity to create a natural blend apt for your complexion.  However, you would have to reapply the blush every 5 hours and is easily removable with a makeup remover or  water.  The product usually last upto 3 months.

2. Odbo Pro Studio 18 Eye-shadow Palette

If you are fond of a range of eye-shadow colors with a slight shimmer to it this is the product you need! The Odbo eye-shadow palette comprises of 18 subtle shades arranged from light to dark for your day to night look along with a dual sided soft bristle brush for easy application. These shades are easy to blend and apply as well as last for 5-6 hours at a stretch. There are 3 options for this palette at Habbana.

3. Odbo Clear Lucent Trimming Powder

Not too much of a makeup person or facing oily skin problems? Then just easily apply this powder for a full-face coverage! The brand’s powder includes 4 powder shades for your day to night look which can be blended together to suit your complexion. The powder is available in 3 varieties being apt for a fair Indian or wheatish Indian complexion. It is again a mirror size mold which is very travel friendly and lasts for upto 3 months.

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