The Victoria’s Secret body care collection is an umbrella for luxury scents and beautification. They might be expensive but it’s worth it! Started off by trying a few body mists, lotions and other body care products of the brand I’m stuck on to a few specific products from the brand which have become quite a strong addiction to refrain me from even let me experiment with other products. One of such products belong to the Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Collection and are my favorite forever. I have tried a number of products from the brand’s other collections as well and all of them have a spa like experience but nothing beats the pure seduction collection!

1. Victoria’s Secret The Mist Collection Pure Seduction Shower Gel

Packaged in a cylindrical pink and golden shaded bottle this shower gel is meant for girls who feel like a princess! It is one of the most refreshing shower gel I have ever used leaving the body with a pleasing unbiased scent. The main ingredients are mainly red plum and freesia in a liquid form which is rinsed off easily by water, leaving the skin with a smooth feel. The price of this product differs on different online platforms and is generally affected by discounts and offers but exceeds INR 500.


2.Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Lace Lotion

Infused with pink guava and red orchids this lotion hydrates and nourishes the skin for a long lasting period of 24 hours. This lotion gives a total spa like experience due to its rich moisturization and leaves the body with a light fruity floral scent. 236 ml of this luxurious lotion is poured into a V shape pink embroidered bottle and exceeds INR 500 on all online platforms.


3.Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist

With the same properties of the shower gel from packaging to the feel of it, this fragrance mist is a perfect perfumed mist to be sprayed on your body be it any occasion. Infused with red plum and freesia but in a stronger concentration as compared to the shower gel to deliver a long lasting fragrance, just 2-3 sprays of this mist would last for at least 4 hours. 250 ml of this magical mist is poured into the cylindrical bottle and is priced above INR 500 on all online platforms.

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