We’ve noticed that Paese, an international makeup brand  has some amazing products which you cannot miss out on. Paese cosmetics are of high quality and pocket friendly. Skin care is the brand’s first concern which is why its products are made out of 85% natural ingredients. The products also comprise of vitamins and UV filters for the best of skin nourishment. We at Habbana also believe in the concern of beauty with skin care and have thus listed down products you should have from Paese cosmetics.

1.Paese Cosmetics Mineral Powder

Being a natural makeup and healthy skin care product this powder is apt for your daily use. If you don’t wish to apply a full makeup coverage this powder is perfect for giving the face a get up . The powder is ideal for oily skin as it  eradicates excess oil and nourishes the skin with organic ingredients. The powder is available in 4 shade tones and does not contain paraben, talc, allergen and perfume ingredients. It’s a bit expensive priced at Rs 1499 with one box lasting for a month.

2.Paese Cosmetics Lipstick with Argan Oil

Daily application of lipsticks make the lips dry and faded. Hence, lipsticks should have a nourishing element in them and that’s exactly what Paese lipsticks comprise of- argan oil. Argan oil possess a high level of Vitamin E and fatty acid content which naturally moisturize the lips. These lipsticks are available in various colors to suit every Indian complexion. They are priced at an average price of Rs 999.

3.Paese Cosmetics Nail Treatment Range

We believe this is one of the brand’s most innovative range- a nail treatment nail application to improve the quality of nails. We all love applying nail paints but its side effects are immediate and many, the most common being yellowing of nails. Paese Cosmetics nail treatment range includes nail paint coats that would nourish and strengthen nail quality as well as improve the look of the nail paint. Must haves which we would recommend are the calcium gel, vitamin therapy and satine matte coat. You can check these out on-

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