There are a bunch of hair care and hair-styling products available in the market with different brand names but De Fabulous hair products are an exception. De Fabulous hair care products create innovation in every product which makes each of their products one of a kind. Initially started off as a salon and created its own product to treat and style its customer’s hair, now the brand’s products have been wide spread all over the world becoming the top choice of many consumers. Here, I list down the most innovative of their products.

1.Amazon Series MuruMuru Anti-Frizz Keratin Shampoo

Amazon Series is a luxury line of products linked with De Fabulous. Products of Amazon Series believe in botanical cure for the hair and hence each of their product contains extracts from the plants of the Amazon’s rain-forest. One of these products are the MuruMuru Anti – Frizz Keratin Shampoo which contain extracts of the MuruMuru plant and are blended in a mixture of keratin and MuruMuru butter. The keratin content strengthens the protein of the hair making it stronger and healthier whereas the MuruMuru butter enables the hair to develop a better texture and in being smooth.

2.De Fabulous Ginger Energizing Shampoo

This is one of the most innovative product of De Fabulous. Usually a shampoo is healthy for the hair but this shampoo taps on the roots of the hair-the scalp. De Fabulous has created this product with the belief of- ‘the stronger the scalp or the roots, the stronger the hair’. The ingredients in the shampoo clean and moisturize the scalp as well as stimulate the blood vessels to enable a smooth blood flow in the scalp. It is a shampoo for the long run care of your hair with extracts of citrus, mint and ginger.

3.De Fabulous Thermal Patrol Heat Protector Spray

Here’s a spray that protects the hair from hair styling harm. While using general hair styling tools like a hair iron or blow dryer we are often worried about the damage caused to our hair by the heat produced with these styling tools. But De Fabulous puts our worries to rest by introducing the Thermal Patrol Heat Protector Spray. This spray uses a heat-transfer technology to reduce friction while using heated up styling tools and moisturizes the hair.


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