I love Ayurveda products! Ayurveda is the oldest and most effective remedy to all body/health problems and the best part is that all Ayurveda products are chemical free, 100% organic (hence, less side effects). However, there are very few brands who do justice to the Ayurveda formula and Biotique is one of them. Biotique products are manufactured in the foothills of Himalayas with the assistance of Ayurveda doctors and Swiss cosmetologists/ dermatologists. All of their products are the best suited for skin and hair care but here’s a list of their best selected products.

1. Biotique Almond Kajal

Eyes are one of the most attractive facial feature and a lot of times we also communicate through our eyes. Hence, beautification of eyes is something every woman looks for. While most of you must be having a fixed kajal choice which you believe lines your eyes perfectly, you must still keep the Biotique Almond Kajal in stock. This kajal not only beautifies the eyes by darkening it but is also healthy for the eyes due to its combination of organic ingredients especially almond. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and applying an almond paste around the eyes reduces discoloring near the eyes area. Hence this kajal has a number of benefits acting as an eye beautifier as well as eye nourishment product.

2.Bio Heena Leaf For Graying Hair

Premature graying hair can be the worst nightmare! Hair color at a young age will lead to hair fall. Hence, preventing graying hair or reducing it is the best cure and here’s a shampoo & conditioner that will help you. The Bio Heena Leaf shampoo is specialized to prevent graying hair by maintaining the hair texture and keeping the hair healthy. It is made of pure Heena leaves, soap nut and berberry.



3. Biotique Bio Vitamin Therapeutic Oil

Biotique’s most loved product category is the body oil category and I believe this is one of their most refreshing body oils. Rich in a mix of Vitamins with a luxurious pleasant aroma this oil nourishes the skin and makes it soft. It should be massaged daily, before sleeping, on the entire body especially hands and legs.

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