Do you also have difficulty in pronouncing and spelling Schwarzkopf but absolutely love their products? Then we are definitely sailing in the same boat. Schwarzkopf is a Berlin based hair care and hair styling brand which has introduced some path breaking products like the first ever liquid shampoo in 1927 which changed the way people cleansed their hair. Their products have till date been very consumer friendly and hence here we’ve listed down the top Schwarzkopf products apt for the Indian hair type.

1.The Keratin Color Product Range

Were you warned about hair color? Or do you fear that hair color might have side effects on your hair like hair fall? Well, all your worries are put to an end with the Schwarzkopf keratin color which styles and manages your hair at the same time. The Keratin Color highlights your hair by adding color to it through its collagen care complex and skin flattering pigments and at the same time treats the hair by providing up to 80% less hair breakage. What can be a better option than this? The color takes about 30 minutes to set and is available in a bunch of shades of blacks, browns and blondes. I believe that there are a lot of shades which would suit the Indian hair type among the ‘brown shades’.


2.Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Shampoo

As I’ve always suggested, shampoo is the most basic and essential hair care regime. Hence, you cannot compromise on your choice of shampoo. The Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Shampoo is the best choice for the Indian hair type. Since we are widely exposed to humidity and heat our hair is constantly damaged by it and the Ultimate Repair Shampoo consist of strong ingredients that would not only repair extremely damaged hair but also protect it from hair loss and dryness.


3.Crystal Shine Hair Spray

This hair spray is just apt for your hair styling to give it a more shiner and glossier get up especially curled hair. Spray it at the bangs of your hair as they fall down smoothly , for any evening occasion. The spray also helps in firmly holding your hairstyle and making it last for a longer time.

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