One of the most exciting body care brand because of its colors and fragrances has always been Bath & Body Works. I have always been so attracted towards the brand and anyone who loves experimenting with flavors would feel the same as the brand is a cluster of all the possible flavors in the form of bathing and skin care products.  Being a fan of almost all Bath & Body Works products it is difficult to single out the best products, yet I managed to list down products that you must try from the brand.

1. A Thousand Wishes With Shea & Vitamin E Shower Gel

Shower Gels are the ultimate bathing refreshment during summer and this shower gel is definitely the best choice! The thousand wishes category of the brand leaves the skin with a refreshing soothing sensation cleansing off all the impurities and dead skin which is present on the skin layer. What makes this shower gel special is it’s combination of Shea and Vitamin E. Both these elements act as  skin betterment agents with Shea moisturizing the skin and Vitamin E with benefits like treating sunburns and premature skin aging as well as lighting dark spots and stretch marks. The shower gel is a combination of Pink Prosecco, Crystal Peonies & Gilded Amber which nourish and leave the skin with a pleasing fragrance.


2. Miami Mint Mojito Hand Soap

Who says that hand soaps are boring when we have Bath & Body Works giving us some exclusive options? Offering a wide variety in flavors and forms Bath & Body Works gives luxurious and exciting options for one to choose from. My suggestion is the ‘Miami Mint Mojito Flavour’ which is an ultimate shift from the general hand wash flavors. With the perfect balance of the mint ingredient this product leaves your hands with a spa like cooling sensation and light fragrance of a mojito drink.


3. Bath & Body Works Cashmere Glow Fragrance Mist

A fragrance mist does the job of a perfume but in a milder way. Hence, a fragrance mist should be applied on a daily basis post bath. When talking about a brand that is soo vast in variety with its flavors and fragrances we cannot miss out on its top fragrance mist which I believe is Cashmere Glow. Not too strong, not too sweet just the perfect soothing fragrance leaving your body with a luxurious and warming aroma. Its main ingredients comprise of a small quantity of vanilla, a blending in peach and the main ingredient cashmere Mush to top up the fragrance. Just the perfect balance of these three contrasting ingredients combine together to create this impeccable fragrance mist.


4. Bath & Body Works Alpine Suede Shower Gel For Men

Last but not the least, I definitely can’t miss out on praising this product! I believe and I’m sure a lot of women believe that a good body aroma is a major contributor to higher a man’s  his sex appeal and here’s a product that would help men get bonus points in this aspect. We have plenty of pleasing men fragrances & perfumes in the market but very few shower gels or scrubs that would actually work best specifically for men and this product is one of them. It is highly concentrated by elements of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter which would nourish and leave a man’s skin with a soothing and long lasting luxurious aroma.

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