In India, Maybelline and Lakme have always been competing. Be it products, price range or marketing campaigns both these brands have always been at par. Although Lakme products are a bit highly priced than Maybelline, you must have still experimented with products of both the brands and boiled down on using one. For me, I have always used a mix of best products from each of these brands. The Maybelline baby lips are for my day to day lip care and lip color where as the Lakme CC cream protects and adds glow to my skin.  Let’s have a look on how the brands compete with each other.

1. Most Similar Product

The most similar product of the brands are The Maybelline Colossal Kajal and the Lakme Iconic Kajal. Both these kajals are like the best choice for your day to day use. They are dark and smudge free at affordable prices. The only difference that lies is that the Iconic Kajal has an option of different colors where as the Colossal Kajal sticks to its black color giving us an option of a lighter and darker black. Would you go with different colors or choose a darker shade of black to enhance your eye?

2. Alia Bhatt For Maybelline Vs Shraddha Kapoor For Lakme

The most recent campaigns of both of the brands have been presented by the most competing new age actresses of Bollywood- Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor. As we all know celebrities are the biggest influence, especially when it come to a beauty product. When it comes to the lip balm ads, I find both the campaigns quite similar highlighted with colors and giving a new generation vibe. But after trying out both the lip balms I realized that just like how Alia Bhatt seems to be more concerned about her appearance in the same way the ‘Maybelline Baby Lips’ adds an amazing tone of color to your lips but doesn’t suffice very well for lip care. On the other hand the ‘Lakme Lip Love’  moisturizes the lips and is long lasting but gives a very simplistic appearance to the lips just like Shraddha Kapoor.


3. Easily Available

You will always find Maybelline and Lakme right next to each other in any multi store brand retail outlet such as Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Central. In such a case don’t get confused. Make up your mind before going about what product you are looking out for and avoid trying out products at both the counters because with such similarity you might just get confused and end up buying the wrong product.

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