With the growing beauty industry, we have on our platter anything and everything that would beautify women but what about men? I strongly believe that it’s high time people break through this stereotype and not only introduce but also accept beautifying products for men. By this I don’t mean to make the beauty products for women available to men, but to have a separate range for men makeup collection with men being open to experimenting and trying out the collection as well as women being encouraging for men to use the products. Here are some suggestions about products that can be used as makeup for men.

1. A Concealer And Compact

Just like a few women even a few men have skin unevenness due to acne, tanning, scars, discoloration etc. Hence, to have a clearer and even tone complexion men can use concealers followed by a compact. The perception that men would be lazy to take the hassles of applying a concealer or wouldn’t apply it with perfection, should be broken because like I have always mentioned that makeup is an art with your face being the canvas and makeup being the tool. Keeping that thought in mind even men could master the art of makeup concealing.

2.  Natural Colored Lipsticks As Makeup For Men

Men should also follow the basic lip care for lip moisturization as well as enhance their face by lip color. Although the lipstick colors should be chosen very meticulously. Unlike women,  dark vibrant colors like red and neon pink wouldn’t suit men. To enhance their look,men, should use subtle colors that blend with their skin tone and add to their appearance positively like a dark skin color or a light occur color or the lightest tone of a pink color.

3. Mascara As Makeup For Men

This is one of my favorite makeup product and I believe it shouldn’t only be a daily makeup need for a woman but also for an essential product for a man.  Without adding any major color, a mascara does the job of awakening one’s eye lashes to enhance the shape of the eyes and prevent them from looking drowsy or dull. One’s eyes are one of the major features which play a strong role in making one’s face look attractive. Hence even men can benefit from this wonderful makeup product to enhance their eyes.

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