The most awaited movie for Kriti Sanon and Sushant Singh Rajput fans- ‘Raabta’ is here. Although the movie has been criticized due to its plot being senseless, the glamour and chemistry of the star cast has been holding the interest of the audience. Kriti Sanon looks gorgeous as always but this movie has marked some of her most stunning looks. Let’s have a look!

1. Casual and Trendy

How wonderful is it to wear something that looks trendy and at the same time comfortable? Kriti Sanon’s this look was exactly that. Just at the start of the song ‘Ik vaari’ she is dressed in something like a gym wear which looks gorgeous. A half sleeves, side tied up black crop top with ‘Quinoa and Kale’ written in white bold letters, paired with cotton white loose pants. She has-worn flat slippers, a black side bag,slight waves in her hair let open and nude makeup to complement her look. This scene was shot at an abroad station and gives the indication that in such crowded places it is best to dress simply and casually.


2. Kriti Sanon Wearing Dungaree

She has tried to bring back the trend of dungaree. Dungaree, the most casual and comfortable outfit was replaced by jumpsuits but in this movie Kriti wears full-length denim dungarees with a body fitting t-shirts underneath paired with either baggy hand bags or huge headphones. While most of the actresses have forgotten to bring back old trends she breaks through with the trend of dungaree at many scenes in the movie.

3. Best styles to dress at home

In this movie, most of Kriti Sanon’s looks are casual one’s. Hence, she has created styles that would make you dress up sexy at home as well! In the song ‘Ik vaari’ she is grooving onto some music in her room in a very cute and sexy outfit. Black floral hot shorts with a body fitting white t-shirt and a grey off shoulder top above that. This outfit might look messy but it looks simple pretty on her. Her long wavy hair let open complements the outfit. Such kind of outfits are easily available at ‘Forever 21’.


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